Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Take a seat

Last week has been hectic.

Couldn't leave for home before 5pm for some reason or other everyday. Pick one.

Open Day awaiting on Saturday from 10am--1pm which means arriving before that and leaving after 1pm as you need to clear up the room or the mess. School needs to sell well so as to ensure good enrollment, of course, the money that comes with it.

Weekends have been sacred so far although without fail, working at home has become part and parcel of my life.

Easily spending 10 hours each weekday on work. My life here doesn't seem to have improved much in terms of working hours. But I am not a workaholic.

Work life did improve, having able to contribute "quality" time to work, instead of being torn apart by the innumerable admin work/meetings/supplementary class/remedial class/writing weekly lesson plans/CCA/core or sub committee of something or other....../P4 camp/house practice etc. Bad experiences are always a blessing in a good way. They help you to appreciate the better aspects of life.

School here starts at 9:15am instead of that unearthly time of 7:30am. From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful. Although I have to be at school around 8am to avoid the traffic congestion. School ends at 3:40pm and locks up by 5:40pm. I used to be "chased" out of school by the caretaker. I have made much improvement this academic year in that aspect.

I yearn for the time to be with myself amidst the busy schedule. Always a must although not always successful.

Feel like living in a hole detached from the world. Li An's latest movie, adapted from Zhang Ailing's novel, is screening already and I am totally unaware.

Close my eyes. Hopefully I can see further.