Friday, August 28, 2009

The Sky of Shanghai

Back to this city again after 7 years. One of the two things that left impression on me then was its size. And the first indicator, in my opinion, that gave me a vague idea of the size of this city was the width of the viaducts that were found spanning all over the city centre. This depicts the amount of traffic that is being channeled across this city day in and day out.

The second thing that left deep impression on me was the sky of Shanghai that never seemed to be able to grow dark even well after midnight. The sky overhead was always glowing in a dark, rose colour. The millions and millions of lights in this city kept this place awake all night long. Now with the development of the Pudong area that has sprawled across the Huangpu river, the sky of Shanghai must be even brighter than it used to be 7 years ago.

Size of a viaduct in Shanghai.

A pedestrian overhead bridge that spans across 3 directions.