Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mindmapping of my Shanghai

Has been my transitional home.

To be greeted by this view once I turned right as I got passed the security checkpoint of the apartment. It is a constantly changing view. A new bank, just next to the apartment is "growing". Every time I pass by this street, the bank is closer to opening for business. Another block of apartment is growing too. Probably all too quick.

At this junction where it gave us so much enjoyment and amazement just watching how the pedestrains and motorists get about.

The road to Xujiahui Station. Autumn has creeped in already.

Passed by this building where a posh Korean restaurant, indicated by the line of expensive cars that are parked around the entrance, is located on the 2nd storey.

Best Buy only started business when we moved to Xujiahui. An IT mall, in short, where we got our 3G service.

One of the many entrances to Xujiahui Station. Last summer, this was still a place for laundry and three months later, it is ready for use.

How can I forget about our tea time at Chamate?

Gateway--A Hong Kong shopping mall equipped with a large supermarket catered for the expat community. Where we visit frequently.

My favourite haunt. A modernized version of tea and Chinese food with a tint of Taiwanese style of course. Where we saw that young couple over dinner, sitting close to one another, with only a small table between them. Yet, worlds apart as each was engrossed in communicating with the world beyond the dining table through their electronic devices. Throughout the meal affair, they only exchanged words twice--once when ordering food and the second time when they have to foot the bill. If this is the inevitable destination for all relationships?

Gino, our favourite cafe.