Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY in decorations

It's the same idea with Christmas. Somehow, I am always enticed by the anticipation of the festival than celebrating the festival itself on the actual day. In fact, I am bored on the day of the festival. By that time, the excitement of the festival for me has simply worn out.

Decoration is the fun part, in my opinion, for a festival and this applies to both Christmas and CNY. Although I would say that I used to prefer the former as red, which is the colour of CNY occasion--is too conspicuous for a colour for my taste. But hey, I started appreciating the symbolism of red as a form of joy through the Chinese perspective and thus, splashed my flat with decorations in red in celebration of this festival.
Chinese Christmas tree CNY aka Spring Festival in China, marks the commencement of spring, philosophically. It is a time of new growth and new hope--for both the Spring season and the CNY. Thus, CNY is accompanied by spring blossoms. In Singapore, being sumer all year round, the celebration of CNY with flowers is more of a symbolic purpose.

Plum blossoms or willows are usually all-time favourites for dawning homes during CNY with a tint of spring as they are relatively larger than potted flowers and they can be decorated. I used to enjoy decorating the willow branches with small decorations that we bought or red packets. Now to think of it, it is like a Christmas tree in a way.

Chinese Paper Cutting
With the influx of Chinese immigrants from mainland China, we get to see some decorations that we don't used to get, things like paper cutting is so easy to come by now. I am fascinated by the patterns that one can create within the space of a piece of paper. Think about the cut out portions--the space of emptiness. And it is precisely this "empty" space that helps to define the patterns against a background.

Chinese Posters
These things have definitely evolved over the years. From a 2-D print to flashy ones dawned with gold glitters to the use of sponge to create a 3-D effect on these posters.