Sunday, June 20, 2010

Surprises from China.

These recycling bins have been following me around from Shanghai into Hangzhou and Shaoxing everywhere I go. The infrastructure for eco-friendly gestures is apparent in cities and the intentions are good. But a look into the contents of the recycling and non-recycling bins will tell you more about the actual effectiveness of its recycling intention. At least, it's a start.

Eco-friendly way
of travelling in the city of Hangzhou. It's not a business venture, therefore rental charges are very affordable, meant more for the locals (I think) to ease the traffic pressure on the roads. Bike booths are located in a lot of places in the city, not just the touristed areas. Any time of the day, you can get a bike (as long as they are available) with a top-up card. No deposit seems to be needed.

Found these tiny solar panels and solar stands along some roads to power the street lights. Brought a touch of green amidst the exhaust fume from the vehicles that run amuck on the road.