Sunday, October 09, 2011






A small eatery with few patrons. But empty tables were cluttered with used cups and plates, leaving a two-seats-table at a corner free of any litter.

Came a secondary school girl with a tray. Shot an uninterested glance at that corner table and a disapproving look at the clutter on the rest of the available tables.

She paced up and down the aisle undecidedly for many, many times, probably in hope of a miracle. She was at a loss of the next step to take. Wanted to take other seats but at the same time, refused to initiate the necessary actions to resolve the imminent problem of the mess on the tables. She made her choice but was reluctant to walk the extra inch. She'd rather persist her dilemma than taking up any actions. Some time later, her mother came and joined in her daughter's dilemma. No miracle dawned on them.

Fortunately, it was only a seat.

And they both compromised and chose the corner seat after all.