Sunday, April 15, 2012


There was a styrofoam box lying on the third lane near the kerb, two metres away from the traffic lights.

A car was coming to a halt in front of the traffic lights but the box was obstructing its path.

An Indian passer-by witnessed the situation and without further ado, went forward, picked up the box, left it on the grass and went away. The driver could thus stop his car in front of the traffic lights. However, the Indian left without giving a chance for the driver to thank him for his selfless gesture.

In the world of righteous conviction, there is no need for the existence of I, me, mine or myself but others. You don't even wait for any external acknowledgement for doing something which you believe in. Even in the most trivial matters such as picking a box away from the road or giving pedestrians a lift to the main road. You need no gratitude from the person who benefits from your gesture to ascertain what you did was right.

And for those who mouth the word "sacrifices" easily to draw attention for what they did and drumming for acknowledgement for the amount of effort that they put into something, are the very people without any convictions. Thus external materials, such as monetary rewards, do matter to them very, very, very much.