Thursday, August 09, 2012

Singapore fast becoming the table tennis squad it created

A horrifying sight. Beholding Singapore’s entire table tennis squad made up of China-born female and male table tennis players. 
Emptied the locals from its table tennis squad and stuffed it with end products from China. Purely for raising the international profile of Singapore in sports. Apparently, a victorious game at the Olympic is of immense importance for the government whilst its peasants think otherwise.

Now, the HORROR of this squad is that the same approach, ie. the replacement of locals with instant imports, does not confine strictly to the realm of sports only. It has taken place some number of years ago and it has accelerated in recent years, at every aspect of this country. And when all local peasants are effectively displaced or disempowered, who will stand to benefit from this? Not the peasants of course.

Chiding Singaporeans’ contemptuous attitude towards the act of buying sportsmen, Acting Minister Chan Chun Sing’s reiteration of the end justifying the means betrays the deep-seated values of our leaders.   

“Let’s not just look at where people come from. It’s not just where people come from that we should be concerned with, it’s also what they’ve done for the country.”

As many indignant Singaporeans have mentioned, no one has complained about the lack of Olympic medals. This issue was not even raised during the rallies of General Election. Therefore, these so-called “desired outcomes” are cast by our wiser-than-saints political leaders, where the benefits rarely filter down to the common peasants, or the country. Mind you, the peasants do make up the bulk of a country, not only the political elites.  

As far as Mr Chan and his co-hort are concerned, his definition of a country excludes the peasants. Whatever benefits him and his co-hort will ultimately benefit the country (excluding the peasants).  

Statistically speaking, foreign nationals already constitute 40% of Singapore’s current population. Well, that is what the official statistics offer to show. It did not reveal the figures of newly-converted citizens.

On the ground, as a local-born citizen, I feel on the contrary more like the 40% of the residents on this island. My recent encounter at a local shopping mall, asked by a foreign sales rep where I came from, reveals the extent of foreigners on this island. To be mistaken for a foreign national in my home country! What are the chances?

Our population rose from 3 million to 5 million in two decades, almost doubling. It creates tensions and unhappiness between locals and foreigners in recent years at the pace and the quality of influx. And no way will the government stop just at 5 million. Recent population report seeking feedback from citizens shows the attempt to inflate the population further while trying hard to appear to be appeasing its people under the disguise of a feedback.

Our table tennis squad epitomizes the way this country is managed. Using foreign imports to achieve objectives solely meant for the economic and political benefits of the government. Using material gains to lure ravenous economic migrants and allowing an unlimited pool of these people to come scavenging for the monetary opportunity. Never mind about the outflow of these opportunists as there will always be a ready pool of other opportunists to fill up the vacuum.

If money could solve a problem, then it is not a problem at all. Those who had their share of economic reaps could take flight; those who have not will be kept rewarded for their submission.

Money could silent any undesirable dissidence.

It is those who cannot be bought over by pure monetary rewards are the ones whom the government is fearful of as it cannot exert total control over them for its own good.  

Local-born Singaporeans now account for less than half of the population. The day for Singapore to become this 100% imported table tennis squad will not be long from now. We can condemn the current and former batch of leaders vehemently for such policy. But the person who should take the ultimate blame is none other than ourselves. For who have condoned these actions for so many years at the ballot box to allow these political creatures to ruin lead our country? 

The worst of all, we chose reticence and oblivion when there were those who tried futilely to salvage our country.  

In short, we will reap what we sowed in due time. 

Happy National Day for now.