Sunday, September 16, 2012

Making an enemy out of its citizens (I) On Foreigners.

Policy makers sieve through the genuine concerns and unhappiness of our citizens on the erratic foreign immigration policy and conveniently distort them into a xenophobic labelling.

Anyone who makes an emotional comment against the favour of foreigners over here runs the risk of being branded as xenophobia.

This is the tactic.

Of creating an enemy with its citizens--any sign of unsupportive gestures from citizens towards a policy even if it is detrimental to the citizens, the first thing policy makers do is to grab a gun and point at their citizens. Highlighting the cause of huge foreign influx as a consequence of our citizens' low fertility rate or laziness or mediocrity at work or what so ever, Lee Hsien Loong and his whole lorry of ministers synchronize to the perfection in performing that task of gun pointing at their very own citizens (Shanmugam, PAP, TCH, LKY, LKY).

Never mind the fact that you have been verbally abused for nine times and have stayed rational all those times. At the tenth time, you let your own emotions get the better of you and lashed out at the perpetuator but were caught red-handed. You have been emotional and therefore irrational. You are at fault. The perpetuator preserves his/her innocence.

That was the first step before proceeding to create an enemy among its citizens.

Citizens' disgust of our immigration policy has remained persistent and still, policy makers have little intention of reversing the policy. Policy makers responded by picking on a group of citizens who refused to pay compliments, whether justifiable or not, to the undesirable public behaviour and the unfair competition of some foreign nationals living here, effectively embarrassing the policy makers who invited the bulk of such foreign nationals over here. Denounce these citizens with the xenophobia label and rally the rest of the citizens to censor them. (Grace Fu, Sim Ann)

Cleverly directing the attention of all audience onto the superficiality of an immigration problem instead of looking at the root cause, policy makers thus averted attention and relieve themselves the immediate need to tackle the problem. Xenophobia became the immigration problem, rather than the consequence of a poorly calibrated immigration policy.

The beauty of such tactic is that, policy makers create an enemy among its citizens and encourage an internal fight. Some call that divide and rule. By creating a cat fight among citizens will help distract the genuine problem. Simultaneously, more foreigners of dubious backgrounds and doubtful quality will be herded onto our land.

The trend of such irresponsible use of xenophobia label is developing to a stage whereby any negative comment of a foreign national in any situation could constitute xenophobia. On the other hand, foreign nationals are granted immunity in criticism or insults directed at our citizens. No MP or minister has ever actively stepped out in reprimanding any foreign national on such behaviour whilst retaliation of such from the citizens would only invite a xenophobia slap on the face.