Friday, October 26, 2012

Lee Hsien Loong blames broken families for housing woes.

His first class honours in Maths in Trinity College seems of little help in sharpening his logical thinking. Lee Hsien Loong again plays the blame game. According to his logic, a lot of our current housing woes are caused by broken families. [Link]

His solution is: “…ultimately the family members have to work things out themselves, and ideally avoid breaking up in the first place.  

But we do not live in an ideal world. He seems to forget about that.

By his understanding, to avoid housing problems, all Singaporeans have to by hook or by crook maintain their family structure. Such twisted logic sheds some light to the rationale behind the housing policy on singles where they are prohibited from purchasing new HDB flats because of their “defiance” to the traditional family structure. Therefore, singles are supposed to marry someone of the opposite gender to gain access to new HDB flats, well, by hook or by crook. With that policy in place for decades, the number of singles is still persistently on the rise.  

Mr Lee doesn’t seem to realize that no one breaks up a family for past time leisure. For many, that has to be the last resort. And when family has to be broken up, whether due to third party, financial pressure or terminal illness, housing policy should not ostracize these already unfortunate people. Or put it the other way round, housing policy should not be the reason for a family to stay together, and neither should it be the reason for a single to marry the next person who comes along in the street. Sometimes, it is a healthier option to break up a family than to endure the mental torture and misery of keeping it which might in turn lead to more disastrous consequence. Moreover, policy should serve to facilitate the people, to benefit the people and not employed as a social engineering tool that does little to achieve the intended objective in the first place.

Whether a divorcee, a widow/er or a single, they should have the rights to the access of cheaper new HDB flats and not to be further penalized for their circumstances, whether it is a choice or not. We are not talking about entitling them with free housing over here. These people are paying for their abodes but why should they be discriminated and subject to higher price tag for a roof over their heads?

Breaking up families is mentally, emotionally and financially stressful for all individuals involved. The housing policy only further rubs chilli into the wounds and creates further wreckages, especially for families with children involved. And given such stringent housing policy, there is still a significant number of people who “choose” to break up their families and “choose” to deal with imminent homelessness than to live together, it is an evidence to prove that some things are beyond any hope of remedy. And precisely it is the very last choice to be taken, housing policy should avoid further exacerbating their plights.

The most amazing thing is, being the PM of our country, being the leader of our country and people, instead of re-looking at the unrealistic, uncompassionate and out-dated housing policy and feeding in with more humanity and compassion, LHL swiftly blames his citizens for causing him problems. His lack of logic is one thing (that could be trained), his lack of compassion, empathy and breadth of mind as the head of our country piques me the most.

Yes, if only everything in this world is perfect, then his job would be easy. But there again, we won’t need him in the first place. And to pay him an astronomical salary to keep him there.

The only possible explanation for LHL’s twisted logic, being such a clever man as he is, is that he cannot think of a better means to hide the truth. The truth being, he and his gang will not solve our housing problems as that would be detrimental to their own deep pockets.