Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Farewell again, ancient Chinese civilisation

I bade farewell to the ancient Chinese civilization years ago with a heavy heart. To the aesthetic and sensibility of its literature, to the wisdom of its philosophers and thinkers, to the moral values of its educators. They are all history.

The people who claim lineage to this ancient civilization emulate very little of its greatness and wisdom.

The recent ugly behaviour of the Chinese relatives over the tragedy of the Malaysian airline MH 370 is again a reaffirmation of the fact that the greatness and the wisdom of the once awesome civilization that humbles me, is dead. Killed by the ideal of communism. And executed ruthlessly by its very own official descendents.

The Chinese may continue to capitalize on their ancient civilization for their tourism or immerse in the past glory of their ancestors. But the world has moved on since and there is no succession to the ancient civilization or the intention to bring the greatness to another new height.

And at one point in history, ancient China was once revered as the country of rites and etiquette.