Monday, August 24, 2015

Chun Sing's "political failures": the likes of Ong Ye Kung etc

Chun Sing has called Chee Soon Juan a political failure, in Chun Sing's unique definition of failure. Never mind that Chun Sing himself hid under the skirt of Tanjong Pagar GRC and had the red carpet to the political arena rolled out all the way to his feet. Ironically, a general himself who did not even have to fight for his victory into the political arena and was subsequently rewarded with a ministerial post.

The imminent GE 2015 has seen political failures crawling out of the can of Chun Sing's sacred political party. Such as the likes of Ong Ye Kung and Koh Poh Koon and others. Failed Here, try Somewhere else.

If a politician requires his party leader to fight his battle for him in the form of protecting himself in safer GRCs, saving him the hassle of fighting for survival and the misery and tears of a loss, how can the peasants expect such a passive politician to fight the battle for us? When the battle is not even about himself but us?

It is wrong of us to believe, that a political party leader who has to rely on his father's aura to be parachuted into the Parliament and then be presented the throne of Prime Minister, will ever understand the importance of standing on one's own feet, the need of overcoming inevitable obstacles in life and the need to live through failure. A person who has never failed will be deprived the opportunity of living with failure and to come out a stronger person. Will Hsien Loong understand that?

Therefore, it is not in the least surprising for the same mollycoddled party leader to grant Tin Pei Lin the privilege in learning the ropes of a MP on the job at the expense of taxpayers while members of the alternative parties will have to fight for their own chance to glimpse at the doorknob of the Parliament House.

Can the likes of Ong Ye Kung, Koh Poh Koon etc with little visible will power on their own to strive for the benefits for the peasants? When they allowed themselves to be deployed like a muppet to relatively safer GRC to cement their chances of getting into the Parliament? Does their actions not prove that:

       1. Their actions contradicted the impartiality of meritocracy
They are deployed to stronger GRC not due to their own merit but what the party leader deemed. And most importantly, they do seem to be pleased at ease with such contradiction as their days to the Parliament are not far off from now.

       2.  Lack of resolution
They are determined to get into Parliament by hook or by crook via the easier path. Refused to pick up from where they have fallen but instead chose the short cut to the political arena. What kind of values are these people promoting? Will they have the courage and the conviction overnight during times of challenges that they will plough through the challenges for the welfare of the peasants, instead of choosing the lazy way out?

       3. Lack of conviction
They succumb to the absolute orders of their party leader. A portrayal of weak resolution or no convictions of their own. During times when their party leader is heading the wrong way, do not expect such people to stake their fat salaries and high positions to challenge the party leader and veer him to the right direction.

I thought strong leaders were much needed which in my understanding, are leaders who will make tough decisions in difficult times and will not shy from difficulties. Nevertheless, the likes of OYK and KPK whom their party leader claim to possess ministerial caliber are just light years away from it. Instead, and I would like to borrow Chun Sing’s expression, they are nothing but “political failures”.

Hopefully, Chun Sing would have a word or two with them and shame them into withdrawal.