Thursday, July 09, 2009

Deleting the dormant memory

Been clearing off alot of things from my bedroom these few days. This room of mine has been littered and cramped with all kinds of collection for the past 15 years. It is high time to make way for (many many many....) new items that I have brought home with me this time round.

Rumaging through my belongings--it was like a watching a montage of myself over the years. Flashes of certain scenes or feelings or thoughts passed by before me when my eyes lay upon each item that I choose to discard. They form a certain part of me and as a result, I have always been reluctant to bin things that I have bought, gifts that I have received and cards or letters that I have received. They were evidence of where I am now. Each piece of these items re-ignited a certain part of my memory. Unsurprisingly, the pasts came back in bits and pieces, though I would say, some are clearly more vivid than the others.

If it was not the re-discovery of these items, I am afraid that they will be forever sleeping in a corner of my memory. Only dormant, and so they are not totally lost. Well........

I am still learning the art of relinquishing. Don't be afraid to lose. Treasure the present. If the past must vanish without a trace, there must be something of some form that has formed part of the future.