Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Food affairs@Marina Square

We chanced upon a Thai restaurant at Marina Square and struck a good deal. There was a set dinner on promotion. We had:

1. two small plates of papaya salad
2. green curry with chicken
3. tom yam soup (seafood)
4. omelette with crabmeat (although we were looking painstakingly for the crabmeat in the omelette)
5. a plate of kang kong (vege) with sambal (a type of fried chilli with dried shrimps)
6. tapioca with coconut cream as dessert
7. a glass of iced lemon grass drink
8. a glass of iced plum drink

All that for SGD$30, inclusive of 10% service charge and 7% GST (goods and service tax)--in a restaurant with a moderately nice ambience and a window seat facing the road. Athough the food quality wasn't that superb but you can still get a lot of utility for that price you paid. This is something rare for eating out in the UK. Sometimes, even after paying GBP20 per person, you hardly get any utility at all for the price. :(