Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mobile Advertisement

Took me a while to realize what was that about.

Often, you would come across a cluster of men sitting around/near the kerbs by the road/pedestrain walkways with cardboards standing around them. Usually, there will be some writing written across the boards. But I never took the time to find out about the contents.

The cardboards are actually some form of advertisement signboards--advertising not about products but skills. Be it be plumbing, layering tiles, repairing wooden stuffs, fixing chairs....whatever maintenance you can think of.

These signboards are usually cardboards folded in halves to stand upright. The type of service provided is then handwritten together with a mobile phone number.

This particular day, I notice a lady sitting by the roadside reading, and a advertisement cardboard standing next to her--advertising about repairing swivel chair.