Sunday, February 03, 2013

6.9 million. A genocide.

This figure is used economically, as mentioned in the white paper for population  [Here] and also not mentioned, conveniently as a political tool

Artificially reduce proportion of citizens to 55% vs 45% foreigners (PRs and non-PRs). Within this pool of “citizens”, there exists an unknown number of newly-minted citizens. At the rate of 20 000 citizenships granted each year in the last decade, a decade alone would bring about almost half a million brand new citizens and concurrently, locally-born Singaporeans are renouncing their citizenships. Locally-born Singaporeans are proportionately shrinking fast and furious in relative to new citizens, PRs and foreigners.

The difference between a citizen and a non-citizen in this country lies in the rights to access new public flats and the rights to vote and both are conspiringly utilized by the ruling party.

The former rights will ensure a consistent demand of new public flats and act as a continual feed to high property prices for resale market and private property market, beefing up government coffers without exerting any effort in growing the economy in a sustainable manner.

The voting rights will enhance the longevity of the existing ruling party if all factors that affect the voting direction of these new citizens are meticulously controlled to achieve a political advantage, such as the type of new citizens they are admitting. Potential citizenship candidates from developing or developed countries may have a different perception of what defines a “good” governance and that may give an advantage to the existing ruling party. For some, and understandably, having a MRT system, decent public housings and having pre-election dividend bonus would suffice while these might not suffice for a secured future and sustainable growth for some.

As such, the implication of the 7 million figure exceeds physical discomfort and reduced quality life but more significantly, a disguised genocide of citizens (new citizens admitted from the last decade excluded) who were born here through deliberate worsening their quality life and diluting their political influence that creates a vicious cycle of perpetuating the current political rule that will see further erosion of economic and political rights of uncooperative citizens.

Remember those opposition wards voters being deprived of their upgrading rights and access to amenities for voting against the incumbent? They will certainly make you live to repent.