Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Desperate time calls for desperate measures

Remembering those days when I would boil a large saucepan of pasta and store them in the fridge; take a portion of it whenever the need arises, mix it with ready-made pasta sauce or some canned food, microwave it and it's ready to serve. Then the preparation of meals evolved into more complicated methods of using ready-made satchets for curry, chicken rice, tom yam soup.......however, the core philosophy of making meals for me remains unchanged--I don't cook. Anything that involves longer than necessary preparation time is just not for me. I'd rather go without it.

So when YR painstakingly tried to share with me the procedures of making Hainanese Chicken Rice--all you need to do is, he said, to boil the whole chicken in water, remove the water with the oil and use it for the rice, then.......then I switched off completely. It was a futile attempt. YF's recipe of soya chicken appeals to me though--boil the chicken in pepsi-cola, add salt, soya sauce and that's it.

When my laziness of preparing food couldn't overcome my desire of food, it shows how desperate the situation has become. I started to prepare curry without the magical satchets.

For some miraculous reasons, this holiday, I tried to venture into new recipes and experiment with at least one new thing each day. With a joint effort, these are some of the attempts--with variations though of course.

Agitated-looking sushi. Each piece wrapped painstakingly with individual packets of seaweeds and stuffed with whatever vegetables that I can find in the fridge that can be eaten fresh.

Crepes or pancakes, whatever they are called. Spread it with nutella or honey to taste.

New version of sangria concocted by C. From a bottle of don't-know-what-to-do-with-it-besides-drinking-it rose--it was a gift from a colleague. Some fruit, canned peaches and lots of sugar and honey to tone down the taste of the rose.