Thursday, May 05, 2011

Chasing the Shooting Star

No doubt, Mr. Chiam See Tong is the star. As in the logo of a shooting star for the political party that he stands for.

He stood, but his body wouldn't allow him to stand upright anymore. He spoke, but his voice couldn't let him speak as clearly as he would have wanted to. His words are simple and his voice soft. But the crowd simply roars whenever he comes on stage or whenever he speaks. A tiny little man, slightly hunched and needing assistance to get up the platform, standing at the age of 76, he is still using his remaining strength to pursue his shooting star.

To witness the crowds at his rally and the love that they hold for him is a good track record that he has proven himself with the 27 years of his time that he has dedicated. The presence of the spontaneous cheering crowd, the outpour of admiration and respect demonstrated by the crowds at his rallies, could be nothing else but a reciprocal of his love for the people. And a love that was put forth through actions and through time. Even if you don't know him or what he has done, at the sight of his fan craze crowds, you will know that he is a person who has touched the hearts of people.

And now behaving like a celebrity fan, chasing one political rally from another, chasing after the chances to catch a glimpse of the stars at the rallies. For the first time, I could feel that some of these candidates are stars. Stars who are ordinary people.

I've seen many stars this GE 2011, courageous people who stepped out of their comfort zones, staking their reputation, future, career and finance status to answer to the political call by standing in the opposite camp to the long-ruling political party. Afterall, politics is a highly-dangerous game here.

Among the cluster of stars, there is this star--Mr. Chiam See Tong. The long-standing member of the Cabinet from the oppositional team. Spent more than 25 years of his life living and fighting gently for the belief and principle that he holds against all the adversities of being the alternative voice, of choosing to uphold his values, of bringing the best. Living through the ridicules heaped upon him from members of the ruling party in the Cabinet, constrains imposed for serving his constituent, still, he stands steadfast and did not fall. Amidst the humiliations and injustice that he has to endure, he did not once mouth one rude word or complaint to those who trod on him. And that is the size of his heart.

Treading on a path that is less than smooth and straightforward, belief, principle and compassion have to be exceptionally strong to carry one through the odds. There were others who have fallen in the course of pursuit.

Looking at him, a sense of shame overwhelmed me. That he, at the age of 76 and in a state of frail health, has to insist in standing for this election to pave the way for a better future for us. (There are only 2 MPs from the opposition/alternative team out of the 84 seats in Parliament)

He is the shooting star. And the most impressive of all, he loves us all--for who we are and for all our weaknesses and misdeeds.