Monday, May 02, 2011

A Special Party

For the first time, the feeling is akin to chasing celebrities. My heart is palpitating wildly at the thought of the possibility of getting close up with the candidates for the coming election. And the event itself was comparable to a concert or a soccer match. Audience was equipped with cameras and flags; audience gave lots of cheers and applause throughout.

But it was only a rally, an opposition rally too. As General election 2011 is round the corner.

For the next seven days, every day, leading up to the Election Day, rallies are held at different sites each night to woo the voters.

My very first attendance to a rally at Serangoon stadium is a Workers’ Party rally and the star of the night for me is definitely Chen Show Mao.

But what opened my eyes was the size of the crowds present and the rare solidarity demonstrated by the citizens of this island-nation. Nearing to the starting time of the rally, traffic surrounding the stadium already came to a standstill as many cars were heading towards the stadium—venue of the rally. And crowds after crowds, from all directions, thronged towards the direction of the stadium. No free transport provided. Some people were seen munching their dinner on their way to the site as some just came from after work. For a while, I thought I was in the UK at a time when there was a football match where supporters were matching faithfully to support their team with cheers.

What could be the draw of such magnitude? As if they were heading for a grand party of fun or celebration or catching a brief glimpse of some internationally famed celebrities. And amazingly, people on their own accord, from all corners of this island, poured into the stadium to listen to what these candidates, of the opposition team, standing in the field for three solid hours of their precious time on a weekday after work.

At such sight, I am wishful. Maybe that might be a chance that we can get to see some light at the end of the tunnel.