Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shallowness and KTP hospital

It was for a dental appointment that I earned an a nice morning out at KTP hospital.

(Waterfall at the basement)

(Main building)

The dental clinic which I was referred to is part of the KTP hospital.

I like the environment of the hospital, probably the last place on earth anyone would dream of enjoying at. For as advertised on the website, KTP hospital aspires to be green, not only in colours but also energy efficient.

So one is greeted with lots of green upon the arrival of the hospital, not only the green surroundings but also the huge number of potted plants found all over the hospital building. These plants are indeed pleasing to sight and definitely help to soften the harsh concrete buildings.

(Open-concept toilet: we just need one person to spit on the floor and that completely erases all the modern pretense that we put up)

I ended up taking lots of photo after my dental appointment as I explored around and came upon small plots of oases within the building itself. There is a pond of life in the basement of the hospital and a mini-waterfall too. Apparently, there are quite a number of species of butterflies around but I haven't seen one yet. With the serene environment, I really could do with my laptop and work in a quiet corner of this place. More importantly, food is never far, just like any place in this city.

Amidst all this beautiful environment, artificially constructed though, I just couldn't hide my smile. True, we never fail, not even for once, to impress ourselves with beautiful facades. We never fail to make a big deal out of hardware, painstakingly constructing impressive-looking buildings and splurging lavishly on gleaming facilities but forever overlooking or ignorantly unaware that it is the spirit, the software, ie. the humans that constitutes modernity.

When the quality of citizens fall behind the pace of hardware modernization, all hardwares are nothing but empty shells, reflecting starkly our very own shallowness.

(Plots of oases found in the building)

And the human quality exhibited by the Japanese collectively in the recent unfortunate disaster bares the fact that we are still a lightyear away from a true modern city.

(My humble brunch at the food court--half boiled egg and teh-o)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011