Thursday, July 09, 2015

Rocking the Singapore Boat.

Some people prefer not to rock the current Boat.

For any form of changes to the current situation, despite no signs of improving growing inequality, living cost, heathcare cost, unfair job competition, failing of infrastructures etc, whatever change will only invite the worst to descend.

Their preference of status quo mentality is largely based on the assumption that they have been guaranteed seats to stay onboard our Singapore Boat.

These people may have forgotten to ask, given the limited seats on our Singapore Boat which in fact, is only a sampan 2.0 when even a huge ship like the Titanic had limited space and limited number of safety boats, are there sufficient seats for the same people who refuse to rock it? Could these seats been taken already? Who will be flung off the Boat to make way for the better deserved?

There are constantly new passengers and pets drawn from ALL corners of this universe to our wonderful but limited size Sampan 2.0. Who should be given the priority to board or to stay onboard?   

The Australian BBQ-public-event-turned-PA-member-private-event, an event which concerned mere chunks of meat, has drawn out the sheer vicousness of the Selected Group. They won’t hesitate to turn into ugly savages over matters of survival such as procuring a seat onboard our Boat. How then can those people outside the Selected Group who support the current Boat be assured that there will be a fair share of the tickets to board?

Don’t ever forget Hsien Loong said that Singapore Boat belongs to everyone. The savage-like nature of the Selected Group is not unique to this world.

To add on to the space-constraints, we are also now witnessing an emerging class of aristocrats breeding among us, self-proclaiming their absolute rights to all the space, lives and resources onboard because of their self-proclaimed superiority from the peasants.

Think again.

The greatest irony though not shocking, is that the same people who have advocated for status quo might be among the first to be hauled out of the Boat into the abysmal sea to make way for the more deserving people. And the aristocrats will decide who are the more deserving ones.

Have no doubt on this. Aristocrats are void of gratitude. They believe they are rightly superior and therefore do not owe their power to anyone. But the actions and beliefs of those who prefer status quo empower the aristocrats to the absolute ownership of the Boat and it will be the same power that will be used to push these poeple out of the Boat.

Don't rock the Boat only when you have been promised a space on the Boat. But then again, a promise can be made to be broken. It won't be the first time and neither will it be the last.